Not Good: Mel Gibsons Ex Releases Second Tape. He Threatens To Kill Her. (Listen)

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    Mel Threatens To Kill Her And She Tries To Bait Him Into Admitting He Broke Her Teeth

    Says He Would Take A Bat To Her Head And Put Her In His Rose Garden

    Well She really pushed his buttons and this is very damaging and could bring charges against him now. This is breaking about 30 minutes ago and expect this to go viral everywhere:

    Man he is loosing it here but he really gives it to her and it is funny in some parts. I feel for him because she is pushing his buttons and listen to how calm she is. She has been coached obviously by a cop or psychologist The last thing she says says it all before she hangs up on him. You gotta listen to this because she (obvious gold digger) deserves every bit of his A$$ chewing:
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