NOT a Religious Issue. I'ts primarily POLITICAL

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    Prof Dennis Praeger who studied Arabic and lectured on the subject feels that ISLAM can be reformed.

    However, Lord Cromer, The British Consul General of Egypt from 1883 to 1907 stated: "Islam reformed is Islam no longer."

    I agree with Lord Cromer.

    The reason being is that the Qu'ran is concocted by the Historically Documented Whackjob Extraordinaire, THE MASS MURDERER, THIEF, RAPIST & PEDOPHILIC RAPIST MOHAMMED.

    The reason Lord Cromer is correct is that Mohammed's Qu'ran's FIRST DICTUM, that, according to Mohammed, SUPERSEDES all other dictums of the Qu'ran is: "Make Islam the Caliphate of the World preferably by word, by SWORD (caps mine) if necessary."

    No other Organized Religion of the World issues this Bloodthirsty, Irreligious, and actually POLITICAL AGENDA !!!

    POLITICAL because it is akin to FASCISM, with clearcut instructions for the TORTURE & MURDER of non-believers, if necessary !!!

    Actually, FASCISM is even more benign than ISLAM in that Fascism does not have clearcut instructions to treat it's women like animals specifically organized for child rearing and fucking.

    TRUE ISLAM, i.e. FANATICAL ISLAM is scrupulously, and religiously (?) followed by the Arabs and Iranians in the Mid East.

    Fortunately, the overwhelming number of the Muslims of the World, living in all of the other areas of the World, do not practice THE TRUE or FANATICAL ISLAM !!!

    The non-Mid East Muslims do not practice THE TRUE or FANATICAL ISLAM of Mohammed (the Founder) either because of ignorance, it's BLOODTHIRSTINESS ..... or more likely...... because it is GROSSLY IMPRACTICAL......i.e., an OBVIOUS PIPEDREAM !!!

    But, the above is my opinion.

    Prof Dennis Praeger is more optimistic. And, of course, it's up to you to decide which one of us is correct.

    Here is the link to Prof Dennis Praeger's opinion on this, largely POLITICAL ISSUE because, the emphasis is NOT about the RELIGIOUS CONCERNS of the World......but the POLITICAL RAMIFICATIONS of this, essentially, POLITICAL FORCE aimed at the POLITICAL CONQUEST of the World:

    Can Islam Be Reformed? - Page 1 - Dennis Prager - Townhall Conservative

    Note: it is 2 pages long.
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