North American Union launching August 20?

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    This may explain why President Bush is
    pushing the amnesty agenda.


    If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out
    why President Bush has pushed so hard for amnesty, here's
    your "smoking gun."

    An effort is underway to create a North American "framework"
    that will all but eliminate hard borders between Mexico,
    the U.S. and Canada. This "framework" includes a "trusted
    travelers" program that allows "citizens of North America"
    to move freely within the three countries.

    No wonder the President is pushing amnesty!

    On August 20-21, President Bush will join Mexican President
    Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Harper for the second
    Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit.

    The SPP is what many believe to be the beginnings of the
    infrastructure for the North American Union. The SPP's
    stated goal is to:

    "...Consolidate our action into a North American
    framework to confront security and economic challenges,
    and promote the full potential of our people, addressing
    disparities and increasing opportunities for all."

    This tri-lateral agreement already has resulted in regulatory
    changes and open borders initiatives that clearly undermine
    our sovereignty. The SPP is the one touting the "trusted
    travelers" program to encourage migration of "citizens of
    North America."

    + + Petition opposing a North American Union

    Today, Grassfire is launching a national petition formally
    opposing these and other efforts to create a North American
    "framework" and undermine our nation's sovereignty.

    I want to rally 100,000 signers before the SPP meetings this
    month and have them on hand in Canada as part of a building
    citizen protest against such efforts.

    Please go here for more information and to sign:

    + + Exclusive interview with author Jerome Corsi

    New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi just completed
    a new book detailing our government's rapid move toward a
    North American "union." It's called "The Late Great USA."

    Corsi agreed to record a special interview "briefing" on the
    NAU for our Grassfire team members. Go here to listen to
    that interview and to access Grassfire’s detailed backgrounder
    on the NAU and the NAFTA superhighway:

    Don, of course the President denies that the SPP
    is a precursor to a North American "Union." But there is
    mounting evidence that the SPP is creating precisely that
    structure -- all without any congressional oversight!

    Will you help me rally 100,000 citizens before this latest
    SPP meeting convenes -- in less than two weeks?

    Please sign and then forward this message to your entire email network.

    Thanks in advance,

    Steve Elliott, President

    We can not let this happen. Time to start writing and calling our Senators and Congressmen.

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