Noooo! It's over! Obama picks up support of Charolette, N.C. mayor..........

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    southeast Pennsylvania
    Starved of Democratic support on Capitol Hill for his tax compromise with Republican leaders, President Obama has been forced to cast a wide net over the country in hopes of snaring some help. His meager take so far: the mayor of Charlotte, N.C., Anthony Foxx, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, and Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell.

    Throughout the day, the White House has been issuing press releases heralding the support with headlines like: “Charlotte Mayor Backs Middle Class Tax Cut Framework." Others have included positive commentary about the tax compromise from financial institutions and liberal analysts like Washington Post columnist Erza Klein.

    It’s a press release practice normally used by the political parties, and the Democratic National Committee was in on it to. They issued several news releases detailing editorial endorsements of the plan. The general glum theme captured in one headline sent out by the DNC: “Tax-Cut Deal: If It’s Good for Regular Americans, Isn’t That Good Enough for Now?”

    Obama Desperate to Show Tax Support - Washington Whispers (

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