No Win Dilemma On Trayvon Case,May Be Best Just To Dismiss The Case ?

Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by RightWingFerret, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Have any of you given a thought whereas, even if we had a case, regardless of whether Zimmerman was found guilty or innocent, more bad/violent incidents would follow?
    If Zimmerman was found innocent, we all know what would happen, Blacks would feel they would now have the right to kill whites & hispanics, and every Walgreens/CVS employees would need to buy guns.
    If Zimmerman were sent to jail, Black Panthers wouldn't care, they will still retaliate buy killing a few whites, and hispanics would also retaliate by killing blacks.
    Maybe its best to just let Zimmerman remain in hiding while eventually going under the knife (kinda like what we saw in the movie "Face-Off). He is going to wind up like Casey Anthony. Maybe he will have a surgery to make him look like a regular white guy.

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