No more spending than usual.

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    It just appears to be more spending because we have no money to cover the basic we have always had. There is nothing big about Obama’s government. No bigger than the previous administrations. (Except Bush's)

    Right wingers are complaining about government spending but it’s no more than usual for programs that have been in place for decades. It appears to be more spending because Bush spent all the surplus we had and the tax cuts resulted in no revenue coming in the cover the usual spending resulting in a rising deficit.

    Cutting Society Security benefits, raising the retirement age, cutting education, Medicare and Medicaid and other social services will not balanced the budget and should not be expected to because they are normal programs necessary for the elderly, children and poor that has always been paid by tax revenue. Right wingers are cutting income taxes, cutting government services and raising state taxes trying to balance the budget. But that will not work and we are seeing that it does not work because it is creating more poor people sending them for more government services that are left in place that right winger have not cut.

    There is no more spending than usual, just no revenue because tax cuts to cover that spending. The stimulus, bail outs were necessary because tax cuts caused job lost and without the stimulus and bail outs we would be in a depression unlike the 20s in proportions. The budget cannot be balanced, deficit cannot be paid down without revenue and spending. More stimulus needed for dangerous failing infrastructure will create job and economic growth. We cannot cut services for the elderly, children, poor and disabled without creating more spending and more job loss and more debt. Stimulus and bail outs for the "too important to fail", worked, but stimulus was not big enough.

    Small business do not create the kind of jobs we need and they need demand to create jobs. Big corporations need to bring jobs back and pay their share of taxes.

    We cannot let the radical right wing nuts drive the train when Obama has slowed the runaway train down. Let him finish what he started and put us back on track.

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