No more children, please. Adults only (Engineers are welcome)

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    This might well be what many heads of state and politicians are secretly wishing, I think.
    There have been some texts where one might have the impression that I do not like Muslims. That is not true. I have nothing against those of the Islamic faith: I was only attacking those who manipulate them with ideology. Once, in a text about France, somebody thought that I wanted to encourage immigration. Some other people have told me in forums that there is much too much immigration. Even that some populations have many more children than others. As if I hadn’t noticed for myself… While “Our” women don’t have any, they want to say. Once I pointed out to someone in a forum that it is not immigrants, from any country whatsoever, who oblige “Our” women either to no longer want to keep a baby they are carrying, or to take contraceptives throughout their lives, while many would be happy to be mothers. But the men they live with, and who (in my opinion) do not really love them, even though some are very attractive. Because very often the men do not want to marry them, but use them as objects for comfort and pleasure. That was more or less my reply. We would like to respond to people who say that: If you want less immigration, start by making children with your wife, if you have one and if you love her. We will see after.

    As you have no doubt noticed, there are immigrants, too many immigrants according to some people. It is almost their fault if they are encouraged to come to our country, in many cases. On the other hand, financial aid to parents is often very limited, and dissuasive for other couples who want to have children as well. These two facts are independent, you say, and have nothing in common. ARE YOU SURE ??

    It is well known that a child costs society millions per year, considerable amounts that must be invested in national education, because children need teachers, and later high school and university professors, who must be trained and made available. We must also invest in public health for children, leisure activities, sports, the media, etc. etc. All these investments are VERY EXPENSIVE. And they must be made over a twenty year period, on average, until the child becomes an adult and starts to be a bit productive. Because the age of maximum productivity for an adult is after thirty.

    Do you really believe that politicians, especially economists, are unaware of this? That they never thought of using their pocket calculator, or that they do not know how to use it for those accounts? And isn’t there censorship of the media, to keep from telling us or helping us understand the truth? Once again, I repeat: all countries are INCREASINGLY doing the same thing. One day near the end of their lives, some people will think through and understand this by themselves, when they will live in a country where there are fewer and fewer young people. By not investing in the young, we manage not to fall behind neighboring countries that are also competitors in all fields (economics, technology, politics, the military, etc.). Because they also need this ANTI-BIRTH policy. Therefore we do the same as the other countries. To show politicians that we have understood something, we should not refer to an “arrival of immigrants” but an “arrival of adults”, I almost want to say. Indeed, children are expensive for the government. And for our politicians, they (the politicians) are the state. That used to be the slogan of the King. Except that our politicians don’t wear crowns, and are not kings.

    It is less expensive to invest in a economic-police filter at the borders which rejects delinquents (when it is possible to know) and warmly accepts adults, who already know how to read, write, and speak, and sometimes, after a brief period of adapting to their new country, only need a little additional economic training, or specialized in areas where they have found work. THEY NEVER EXPLAIN THAT TO US.

    I hope I do not offend anyone. Some new opinions may be hard for some people to read. But I think that people are able to understand that, and often want to get to the heart of the discussion instead of dodging it.

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