NLRB Suit Against Boeing Just Bargaining Chip?

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    (Just how deep under the covers is the Obama Administration in bed with the unions? The Company and the Union can't come to agreement on a labor contract, just have the Government sue the Company? How much longer before Obama has a horse's head planted in Allan Mullaly's bed? Just the Chicago way.)

    "The decision of the National Labor Relations Board to prevent Boeing from relocating some manufacturing to South Carolina was hailed as a necessary step to punish anti-union retaliation by the company.

    It all was a mere tool to give uthe machinists’ union greater bargaining power, which it then used in negotating a new contact with Boeing. Now that the new contract is done, the NLRB is dropping the case at the request of the union (h/t @amandacarpenter):

    The National Labor Relations Board has approve the withdrawal of charges by the machinists union against Boeing, Bloomberg reports.

    The suit had tried to prevent the aerospace giant from using an assembly plant in South Carolina, which the labor board claimed was retaliation against unions in Washington State, after they launched a crippling strike against the company a few years ago — a charge the company denied.

    The union approved a new contract with the company earlier this week, ending the disagreement — prompting the labor board to withdraw the suit.

    The move is a victory for Democrats and Obama, who have been facing pressure from Republicans to force the labor board to abandon the lawsuit.

    An Obama victory, indeed."

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