NIMBY laws we should have

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Toronado3800, Mar 13, 2011.

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    The Not In My Back Yard folks have annoyed me forever. The recent nuclear incidents in Japan have me thinking about this. And I am always thinking about strip clubs also.

    My idea is if your Representative on a state or federal level argues against a power plant or strip club being built in your district then you should not benefit from it.

    No strip clubs in Orange County you say? Then when you go to San Bernadino you are not allowed in their clubs. No whore houses in Chicago? Well don't go to Nevada and think they'll let you in.

    The Representative for Dade County argues the nuclear plant should be built near my house? Then you Dade County folks pay double for electricity.

    Didn't want that maximum security prison in your neighborhood? Well we will charge you double the maintenance taxes for it.

    Do undo the neighborhoods of others as you have done unto yours.

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