NFL owners reportedly upset over Chargers move to

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    • Love L.A., Love L.A. sports, and I also love my trips to San diego... and i gotta say : The Chargers belong in San Diego. This move was a mistake. Own it. Move back...and move on.
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      Jeffrey Madruga
      9 days ago
      Way too little, way too late; period. You can't unburn this Charger/Spanos toast, and the stink of it will be synonymous with multiple layers of craven failure for generations..., a sad legacy indeed.
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      Mike Meram
      9 days ago
      The League would have been light years ahead if they had kicked in an additional 200 Million in addition to the 200 they were committing toward a new stadium to keep the team in San Diego. ..Its costing them more than that in revenues now with attendance in a embarrassing 27,000 seat venue that they cant even sell out, let alone a NFL public relations nightmare..and still have 3 years of huge losses financially at that dump in Carson..between that 400 million, and Spanos's 650 million commitment, that stadium would have been 70 percent financed..
    as you can see,this is what the chargers gave up being morons leaving SD.
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