Newt Gingrich Is Th Strngest Republicn Presidentl Candidat!

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    Newt Gingrich is clearly the best candidate in the Republican field for this Party's nomination for President and he should stay in the race until the convention to give the Republican electorate the opportunity to come to their senses and select him as their nominee. Rick Santorum won the Alabama and Mississippi primaries last night and so the American people are going to hear the media and the Republican establishment making a big deal calling for Mr. Gingrich to bow out of the race and allow the conservative wing of the party to coalesce around Santorum and give Mr. Romney a real run for delegates. What everyone should remember is all these voices don't have ordinary Americans best interests at heart with this effort!

    First off, Santorum's win yesterday just demonstrates he is good at getting his base to the polls, should that be any surprise to anyone, have you ever heard of the "Pro-Life Movement"? Santorum's win yesterday was with roughly only two hundred thousand votes in Alabama and ninety thousand in Mississippi. This writers not too familiar with the electorate in Mississippi but can say confidently Alabama has a big devout christian population I bet one hundred thousand of Santorum's votes in Alabama's vote yesterday were from Alabamans who are devout christians. The point here is that there is a ceiling of political support for Santorum there is only so many devout christians in the population. Let's look at a good analysis of the candidate Rick Santorum. Mr. Santorum is too guided by his christian conservative ideology. As a president he would bring too much gridlock, where prudent Americans see Washington gridlock as an extremely bad development for the country Mr. Santorum would see it as something to be proud of a demonstration he stuck to his principles. Many Americans see extreme right wing ideologues politicians, seen loud and clearly last summer in the debate to lift the debt ceiling where these politicians were prepared to not lift the ceiling and cause America to default on its debt, as a disaster for America a scary disaster and Rick Santorum is without a doubt one of these types. The problem with Mr. Santorum is not that he is a social conservative but that he figuratively wears that conservatism as an emblem on his chest; America needs and most Americans want a president that is going to be focused on fixing the country's numerous economic problems not getting bogged down on promotion of conservative ideology that has nothing to do with fixing these problems. Rick Santorum is not a mainstream candidate, moderates and independents don't take to him easily portions of the electorate the Republican Party needs if it is going to win this November. When considering the entire population, Mr. Santorum has real problems with the women vote, his statements supporting states power to ban contraceptives and his statements on women's role in society inspire a strong passion against him among women. At this point in the campaign season what Mr. Santorum brings to the race is clear to the American people, he would be a very weak candidate for President if he were the Republican nominee!

    Mitt Romney has serious drawbacks as a Republican candidate for President. It's not easy to talk about because one doesn't want to appear discriminatory but the Mormon issue matters; Mr. Romney is a Mormon and to many serious christians, this writer included, we would have a difficult time voting for a Mormon as President and for the Republican Party the problem is not that these Americans will vote for Barack Obama for he is a proven disaster rather the major problem is that we won't vote for any candidate for President that this portion of the electorate will not go to the polls this year and in swing states this could make the difference and throw the race to Barack Obama and there could be a coattail effect with all the Republican Party candidates on the entire Republican ticket hurt. This writer has only a limited knowledge of the Mormon religion, the knowledge level that most ordinary Americans have, and this understanding indicates that to many serious christians that really love this country which number many there is big problems with a Mr. Romney candidacy. This group believes America from its inception has always been a christian country the success of our country we owe to the blessing of God God has held our country in the palm of his hand and carried us through great adversities. We would find it very difficult to vote for a leader of our country which is not christian which in our minds Mormons aren't for doing so we risk losing the blessing of God on our country. Moreover, to us the Mormon religion is a strange religion they believe some man a Mr. Smith who lived in the mid 1800's and who was a flawed human being was supposedly chosen by God to provide the moral code which everyone should live by it seems to us like a cult something to be afraid of. To us the President of the United States of America has enormous power too much for any human to handle alone we want our President to be a man of religious faith turning to God for help to use that power wisely and in a good manner, specifically the person should be a person that engages in prayer a person that prays to the person of the one true God to us we have no confidence that a Mormon prays to the one true God unfortunately it could be a Mormon prays to that other person we despise, in short we don't trust a Mormon to be able to fulfill the role of Presidency from a religious vantage point.

    To many ordinary Americans that are just ordinary working people Mitt Romney has other major drawbacks as a candidate for President. His work as the head of the private equity business, Bain Capital, indicates there is a problem with him; it indicates that for decades he treated American workers as pawns that could be sacrificed in the pursuit of profits. To these Americans we don't want to be treated like this our jobs are important they are integral to our lives our lives shouldn't hold a place of secondary importance to those of the rich and America's executives. We don't trust Mr. Romney in this area, we believe he will throw us under the bus to appease the wealthy and America's executives. Mr. Romney comments, maybe intended to be a joke, that he would like to do away with the National Labor Relations Board and he would be a President who at heart would be a conservative businessman underscore our trust concerns! Mr. Romney also has the same problem that George H.W. Bush (Bush One) and John Kerry had running for president; to ordinary Americans these people give the impression of being wealthy, upper class Americans that can't identify with our concerns their from a different social stratus we want a President that identifies with us that appreciates our concerns and these guys don't fit the bill; I don't know what Mr. Romney or anyone like him can do about it, one has the natural persona that one has! The other thing about the Republicans choosing Mr. Romney as their Presidential candidate is that if they choose Mr. Romney they will be throwing away an ace in the hole they will be throwing away a super effective weapon against Barack Obama that being the Obamacare issue. This issue is a humongous albatross for Mr. Obama, when this legislation kicks in in 2014 it is going to be mind boggling expensive on the federal budget, reliable estimates are that at least twenty percent of employers will stop offering health insurance and allow their employees to go into the new federal entitlement health insurance program this legislation creates, the Medicaid rolls will increase by over ten million people and as we know the states are already struggling in the extreme with the current Medicaid rolls, its a ticking financial time bomb this legislation and something the Republicans could use to cripple a Barrack Obama Presidential campaign but the Republicans will lose this advantage with Mr. Romney for he is the Father of this legislation, supported it in the past and in fact signed a version of it into law as Governor of Massachusetts!

    Newt Gingrich is the best Presidential candidate. One he is a conservative but he is not an extremist about it, as President he will make good compromises with the Democrats and get things done and move the country forward. I got news for the Republican establishment even if you have a very successful election cycle this year which is unclear if you will you ain't no way in God's creation going to win sixty Senate seats so your going to have to negotiate with the Democrats and on the major issues of our time you definitely aren't going to get your way; you ain't going to cut government spending as deeply as you want, you ain't privatizing Medicare without the voucher being indexed to medical inflation that seniors experience and you ain't repealing Obamacare that leaves thirty-million Americans with absolutely no health insurance, etc.. Mr. Gingrich has the judgment to cut the deals that significantly move America forward in the right direction on these issues. One might say that Mr. Gingrich he is an idea machine and comes out with a continual high rate of ideas and some of them are bad ones at least from a general sense like forcing Judges to appear before Congressional committees and explain their court decisions and the moon colony idea. But if one evaluates Mr. Gingrich at a deeper level he has naturally good judgment one should conclude that when a President Gingrich would be faced with practical decisions on legislation he will make good decisions. A related and a very important issue is that of all the Republican candidates Mr. Gingrich is the only candidate that has a proven track record of getting big and good legislation through Congress, let's face it Washington is a swamp of special interests and other interests contrary to the best interest of the American people and the Republican electorate would be making the wisest decision if they choose the candidate that best knows how to successfully navigate that swamp which is Mr. Newt Gingrich.

    Mr. Gingrich has other favorables in a general election. He is not as infllexible on the illlegal immigration issue as Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum which gives him an advantage with moderates and independents in the general election. Mr. Gingrich holds views (which today seem to be the only realistic ones) on Afghanistan that will avoid America getting stuck in a long and costly in terms of both money and lives military campaign in Afghanistan contrary to the aforementioned other candidates which give him significant advantage in the general election. Many analyst have identified Mr. Gingrich's strength as a debater and this is true but I also believe he is the best campaigner by far in the Republican field as of today. Currently, one watches him and has to conclude he has the capacity to hold the viewers attention, he is moving, inspiring and he has that knack of rallying excitement and enthusiasm among the attendees at his events. The Republicans face a lot of headwinds in this presidential election cycle with their anti-uniion legislation initiatives, voter identification requirement legislation, anti-immigrant legislation, etc.. the Republican Party is going to need a Presidential candidate that has excellent skills at rallying the Party's supporters and getting them to vote and Mr. Gingrich has such skills.

    Newt Gingrich has weaknesses but their not insurmountable. Yes, he has a checkered past with his multiple marriages and the loss of his Speakership, etc., but none of those items are fatal from an electablility stanpoint the American people have a great capacity to give people a second chance if they get their act together it's part of the American culture the American people love a redemption story. The American presidential election system has a very interesting dimension to it for it has a truly remarkable power to change some candidates as human beings for the better. One example would be Hillary Clinton the Hillary Clinton at the end of the 2008 election cycle was a much better human being than the one at the beginning of the election cycle at the end of the election cycle she was much more in touch and caring human being when it came to ordinary people's concerns and interests. With Newt Gingrich there has been a similar dramatic transformation albeit in different areas. The Newt Gingrich of today is much more disciplined politician on significant policy matters, he realizes that he can't go changing major policy issues off the cuff. The Newt of today realizes when it comes to national politics that a national politician is part of a team and you have a duty to stay committed to the job and team and you have a duty to stay engaged with the team and provide leadership. The Newt of today realizes that one can't do it alone, that a national politician has to rely on others to get the job done. The Newt of today realizes that a national politician has to get a kitchen cabinet of advisers so to speak that are good advisers and listen to them, national politics is too complex today one person no matter how bright can't do it alone. Yes indeed, Mr. Gingrich has dramtically grown as a person this Presidential season just as Ms. Clinton did the last one, God help America though that the nomination election outcome doesn't duplicate!
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