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    We have Quarantine apple maggot areas? Careful everyone. Have you seen those signs on the freeways warning about transporting in apple areas? Is it all apples or certain ones? I think I'll be staying with the granniesmiths myself. I'll pass up the applie pie and try me a slice of anything but pumpkin. Pumpkin color bothers me some.

    As one might have guessed, I am not actually worried about catching the flu, swine, or bovine. I find I am too worried about apples. I did visit the zoo recently and reminded myself that the pig species are nice animals and highly intelligent too. I don't eat them ever. A long time ago man had to hunt the ones with snaring points coming out of their heads. I guess it was sort of a Bor Beast. Not to be confused with auroraborialice. That has to do with the sky and pretty colors. At the risk of sounding strange, Mr. Flew here will bring it to a close.

    We're in deep _+&^%%$!! folks, aint no other way to say it. The U.S. is weeping and me too.

    Try to find something to give God thanks for. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good nights sleep with the sleepy stuff in turkey.

    Mister Flew

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