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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Gurdari, Feb 19, 2007.

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    the West
    Idea:New style of democracy in Canada

    Canadians vote on a list of priorities, perhaps a short list of the top three or five issues (maybe environment, education, healthcare, etc) and no matter who gets elected, no matter what their platform, they are legally obligated to take care of these priorities first, before implementing their own party's agenda.

    Meaning, no derailment of popular programs just because of an election, and if for example, the Conservatives campaign on lower taxes, more military, less immigration, or the NDP campaign on higher min wage and more aboriginal power, either one would have to shelve their goals until they'd taken care of the 'core' list of Canada's priorities.

    Long winded explanation, but just putting the thought out there.
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    Mar 13, 2007
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    It would save alot of time and effort to have publicly chosen untouchable policies,
    "for instance, early in his administration President Reagan dismantled major portions of fourty years of domestic social legislation, initiated tax cuts for rich individuals and corporations, dramatically increased an already huge military spending program..."

    The government goes through Lulls and waves, where it gives money to education, then next election some one comes along and says there is an education surplus, cut spending.
    Then education suffers until someone re-legislates education spending, the same goes for health care, and the environment.
    Its repeatedly one step forward one step back.
    Setting up safe guards would ensure a constant and steady worry free system.
    Then the teachers wouldnt have to own a mojor portion of a sports franchise in order to buy books.
    Go Leafs. = Education.

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