New more secure Medicare cards in the mail in 2018

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    Well I have bitched since I received my Medicare card because my SSN is used as part of the ID... I have my very first Social Security Card I was issued in 1968... Plainly stated on the card it says
    "For Social Security and Tax Purposes - Not for Identification"...


    I have argued with a whole shitload of medical paper pushers re: this fact and most generally gave in, but they knew where I stood when we were done...

    Anyway for those who haven't heard new cards are being distributed during the next year... Anyone just applying will get a new card, but if you have been on the program for some time you will receive a new card before the end of April 2019... No SSN will be on the new card... Some new ID number will be assigned to you...


    Millions of People with Medicare Are Getting New, More Secure Cards
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