New Mexico Restaurant Carry Legislation Needs Your Help!

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    New Mexico Restaurant Carry Legislation Needs Your Help!
    Please Contact the Members of the House Business & Industry Committee!

    State Representative John Heaton (D-Carlsbad) has introduced House Bill 105, a measure that would permit Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves in establishments that are licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises IF the establishment derives more than 60% of their annual gross receipts from the sale of food.

    The legislature passed House Bill 588 in 2007 to open up grocery and convenience stores, which sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, to Concealed Handgun Licensees; NRA supported that bill and backs this latest effort to allow them to lawfully enter restaurants.

    HB 105 has been referred to the House Business & Industry Committee. Please contact the committee members listed below at their capitol offices and urge them to support HB 105. Remind them that it is already unlawful to carry a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, and that Concealed Handgun Licensees should not be denied their right to self-defense just because other patrons of a dining establishment can legally choose to consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.

    State Representative Debbie A. Rodella, Chair (D-41)

    (505) 986-4329

    State Representative Thomas A. Garcia, Vice Chair (D-68)

    (505) 986-4242

    State Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon (D-6)

    (505) 986-4254

    State Representative Andrew J. Barreras (D-7)

    (505) 986-4243

    State Representative Jose A. Campos (D-63)

    (505) 986-4341

    State Representative Keith J. Gardner (R-66)

    (505) 986-4757

    State Representative Dona G. Irwin (D-32

    (505) 986-4249

    State State Representative Sandra D. Jeff (D-5)

    (505) 986-4543

    State Representative Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (R-44)

    (505) 986-4467

    State Representative Thomas C. Taylor (R-1)

    (505) 986-4757

    State Representative Jim R. Trujillo (D-45)

    (505) 986-4255

    State Representative Shirley A. Tyler (R-61)

    (505) 986-4220

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