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    My Wife And I Were Sitting On The Deck
    I Pointed To This Little Toy Grill We've Had
    It's Just A Flat Green Pan, Has Three Tall Aluminum Legs
    And A Flimsy Wire Grate
    You Can Adjust Up & Down The Top Half Of The Legs
    It's Starting To Get Some Holes In The Bottom
    I Told Her 'This Is It's 30th Anniversary'

    We Bought It For Our First Memorial Day Trip To Colorado Springs
    So I Got Out Some Burgers And Sausages
    Gave It It's Anniversary Cook
    We Reminisced About Our Trips
    And Where That Grill Had Taken Us
    And How Handy It Had Been On The Patio
    Then It's Time To Take It Apart And Let It Go

    So She Went To The Store
    (I Haven't Seen The Same Grill For A Couple Of Years Now)
    And Brought Home What Looks Like A Micro-Weber
    Dial Vent On The Lid, Two Sliding Vents In The Sides
    Has A Raised Grate For Charcoal Ventilation
    Looks Fairly Good For $15 Bucks

    I Want To See If I Can Get A Low & Slow Smoke Out Of It
    So I Arranged My Briquettes Around The Bottom In A Ring
    You Light One End, And It Burns Like A Fuse All Day
    I Got Two Cornish Hens
    Anything Bigger, Couldn't Be In-Direct Heat
    I Got My Thermometer, My Birds, I'm Ready To Go
    I'll Start Them Around 9 Tomorrow Morning
    Maybe They'll Be Done For Lunch

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