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Which type of entry page do you prefer

  1. The current format, simple and easy

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  2. The portal system

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    The main page (that no one ever visited) has been temporarily changed at to blend better with todays issues and the board theme.

    I'm curious to what everyone would like better:

    1) Similar to the new, basic page - maybe a few cosmetic updates. Just a simple entry page.

    2) A 'home portal' page. One where news can be updated daily, stats, login info, and many, many more modules can be added. Look at what I did with my other site:

    You'll notice the Gmail login. That's an extra module that was added. You can configure the different modules to appear in different places as well. Maybe a home page portal with news and announcements. (You'll notice on the navigation bar on the portal page the first option is 'Forums' which will bring you to the main forums. On the Nav bar in the forums it points to vBadvanced which is the portal page.

    It's lots of work to convert the portal page, so I wanted others opinions before deciding. Or even better - a poll.

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