New Demands On Demand(?)!

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    It appears that somewhere, someone made something this week, and wants to make some more(?)! There is actually a "copper" market: Unrelated to "Homeland Security!"

    Copper prices have finally cracked $3. That's a good sign. - Oct. 23, 2009

    Then House Speaker James Wright once famously wondered how the U. S. Economy could thrive: With millions delivering pizza to one another. The change-over to a service economy had been long-since underway.

    Now notice where productivity is not!

    Famous Calabasas, CA became a part of it. Millions wanted to be a part of it. People made housing and real estate loans a big business., all by itself. Now there is an entire asset class of "distressed properties," even now creating a new-level service sector, demanding building maintenance services into areas where nobody works anymore.

    So the surprise of the year is that commodities have been fueling a large part of the recovery, though in the United States, the distressed financial services sector, which makes nothing, seems to have attacted large chunks of the new investment interest.

    And so, it is actually now somewhere, from out in left field, that copper for making things is back in demand. Cash inflows into equity mutual funds increased in both July, and even in August. More was put in, than was taken out. A lot of that was still financial services sector, "investment."

    Anyone guesses that other economies, still know how to make things. For this reason, the U. S. federal stimulus money, has so far gone to people, in the United States, who make nothing. There are teachers, and bureacrats, and investors making--absolutely nothing, with stimulus money, all over the place.

    Surprise! Surprise! Alan Greenspan, in fact, has most recently tried to explain the "New Productivity" of the U. S. Economy. Anyone has to allege that Alan Greenspan is not a poster. . .well. . . for advanced age.

    Anyone all over might wonder if some statistics: Actually got misplaced, somewhere!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (In Reagan Trajectory III, anyone wonders who did this(?)!)
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