New antichrist poem

Discussion in 'Writing' started by amish1, Mar 26, 2004.

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    PS. Not sac-religious, just pro-Nostrodamus
    The Palace of Peace, turned to sand
    The people of Egypt, stripped of their land
    The city of God, torn by rage
    The world ignores the Polish sage

    The prophet predicts the rise of hate
    The wall of Jericho, fallen slate
    Will rise again, the evil come
    Heed the demonic, human sum

    The Roman king, was not it,
    Though the prophecies slightly fit.
    The German Jew, not the one
    Though the cousin of Satan's son.

    The French slayer, no evil here
    Though striking in our hearts, forever fear.
    The actor, please, Hasselhoff is clean
    Though his power influenced by the silver screen

    The one that they call, evil one
    The slaying of men, work left undone
    His skin is light, but is heart is dark
    Will arrive, a Saudi, bearing the mark

    A turban of cloth covers his head,
    Men around the world want him dead
    The flesh of man will be his dinner
    The one who attacked the World Trade Center

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