Never got a chance to say congrats

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Charles_Main, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Being on the road all the time. I never got a chance to say congrats to all the Obama supports and Obama him self.

    so Now I am.

    Congrats. Obama ran the best Campaign I have ever seen run. I will grant him that.

    Regardless of his politics it is a great day for America indeed that a half black man can get elected to our highest office.

    I hope I was wrong about him.

    I hope he is not the Marxist, corrupt, Chicago Politician I thought/think he is.

    For all our sakes.

    However I have to say so far, I am not impressed But I am trying to keep an open mind.

    That cause was hurt the other day though when I heard him say he regards Jennifer Grandholm as a close Economic adviser.

    I know many of you will not agree, but that lady has destroyed Michigans economy. With her Tax and spend policies.

    Highest Cooperate and business taxes in the Nation. Double the national Unemployment average.

    And yes the 2 are related. Businesses are fleeing Michigan in records numbers. Opting to move to states or countries with lower taxes.

    So I hope Obama does not plan on following the Jennifer Grandholm Economic Model. Because if she does we are well and truely screwed.
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