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    Nifty little service to save on your phone calls. I joined their service about 2 months ago, but don't utilize it as much as I should. Just buy a pair of headphones with a built in mic and your ready to go. (cheaper headphones start at around $10)

    Install their software and dial from your PC, all data runs VoIP - which means no phone lines involved. Voices will be converted through the transmission. No one I have spoke to online has ever complained about the quality (I'm sure this is best for broadband users).

    The only complaint I have is most likely something setup wrong on my end. I talk into the mic and they hear me no problem, but the voice coming back to me is only heard through my regular speakers. Not good for privacy, and not to mention it gets annoying. I'll need to fiddle with that.

    US calls are $0.02 per minute anywhere in the USA.

    Full rates and more information can be found here:

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