Needed: An American Desk at The State Dept.

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    Out of Control
    by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., The Washington Times

    Sen. Jesse Helms once famously complained that the problem with the State Department is simple. With all its country desks (whose job usually seems to be to represent the interests of their respective nations during US policy-making deliberations), the Department is missing one: the American desk. As a result, the view from Foggy Bottom is all too often not what is best for the United States but what will maintain our cordial relations with other countries, generally on their terms.

    Well, we could sure use an American desk at the State Department right now. In its absence, unless President Bush gets personally involved, the Department's lawyers representing the strongly held views of some foreign governments are going to get some US GIs killed, and probably compel them unnecessarily to kill Iraqis, and perhaps others, in this War for the Free World. When this comes up, click the line "Other Articles by Frank J. Gaffney" (in right-hand corner by his photo). Will be first article listed.

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