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    Okay I have decided to start me a new business. I need lot of help. Would y'all help me figure this out?

    What is a carbon credit?

    How big is it?

    What does it weigh?

    What is the value of it?

    How do I certify it?

    How many can we fit in the pickup?

    Can I auction them off at the local sale barn?

    You wanna buy some of my carbon credits?

    We have a thousand trees are they of any value?

    How about the blades of grass in the yard and the hay in the field?

    My flower beds should qualify don't ya think?

    Two people one dog, how much carbon credits do we have to buy to offset the carbon we exhaust? If we eat beans does it go up?

    What's the value of a lifetime of carbon credit? If we set that value now can it change later?

    Can I sell the Amish peoples credits? I mean they should have something in there of value in the scheme of things. They still use horses to plow the fields, get to the local market, etc... I mean there should be some real value here in this carbon credit and off set deal. They don't use electric so that should count right? How do we sign them up and get this fancy certification? I'll start visiting them if we can all get this figured out. (I'm not sure the Amish will go for this but I'll try)

    I'm sure there are more questions I will need answered before I can become a certified carbon credit broker. All assistance in my new adventure will be greatly appreciated.

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