NBC news networks devote today to immigration topics

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    NEW YORK - NBC and its related networks, including MSNBC and the Spanish-language Telemundo, are dedicating much of their time on newscasts today to discussions of immigration.

    NBC News is wading into an issue rife with hostility. Its own role in doing the stories will be watched as closely in some circles as the stories themselves, which will include release of a poll on American attitudes toward immigration.

    NBC had been considering the concentrated look at immigration even before the latest flash point, the Arizona law allowing authorities to question people who are stopped or arrested about their immigration status if they are suspected of being in the country illegally, said Alex Wallace, senior vice president of NBC News.

    "The whole goal, honestly, is to show as much as possible the two strongly felt sides of this," she said.

    NBC news networks devote today to immigration topics

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