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Discussion in 'Politics' started by washamericom, Mar 6, 2016.

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    no, it's not a birther thread, although without Trump that's a big problem. everyone knows the democrats will use it against cruz and rubio, it's the elephant in the arena.

    this is about being given the gift of leading, from in front. i can't remember any definition of leadership in my entire childhood, or now adult life, as having taken place, or proffered from the rear.

    i saw a lot of great things at Cpac, but i saw a lot of ugliness too. i left early because the party of dogging Donald Trump into signing a loyalty oath, is now trying to destroy him.

    leadership isn't learned in a day or a month or a couple of senate terms, but there are those who are born with it.

    they were all born with it, that's why they are there, because they're born with it, then they find out what it's for. it's a rare alignment of the sun and the planets.

    there is young and fiery, and there is tempered restraint and excellence, reagan would simply not use the opponents youth and inexperience as a political tool.

    they are all leaders, but to be the right leader at the right time is even more rare, just ask mitt romney.

    i want to know what you guys think about leadership. we'll get the few smart alecs' on the boards fly bys, that's fine because they are not the leaders, or followers, they are the disruptors. they are simply looking for attention and short term gratification. we all know who they are. have fun... :)
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    I disagree with both your assertions. No one is born a naturally leader. Its a learned skill. Leading can be done from the front or behind. Leading from the front ensures you get all the glory and its the easiest way to lead. Leading from the rear creates more leaders and builds a legacy and is infinitely harder. Western ideas of leadership that promote leading from the front create jealousy and build resentment. Leading from the rear is a society builder and ensures smooth transition once the leaders time is up.
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