Nationalists are getting Ukraine under

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    After Tymoshenko's fail on the previous presidential elections in Ukraine the best friend of Tymoshenko Saakashvili placed his stake on Tyahnybok's nationalists… The Georgian so called "observers" which were terrorizing Donetsk and later they appeared in Kirghizia on the parliament elections, applied their force to ensure the victory of Tyahnybok's nationalists Svoboda party in the Western regions of the country. In fact those "observers" were using criminal methods against Tyahnybok's opponents and the election committee members. But the price for the victory is very high for the common people in those regions. Now Lvov and Georgia will develop the economical cooperation, because the Ukrainian opposition which secured the questionable victory with the help of the Georgians will pay them - the question is about the business selling. So, the biggest part of Lvov's citizens will lose their jobs, bread and butter… That's how Ukrainian "patriots" cheated the Ukrainians, who gave their voices for them with a view for the better future… And it's just the beginning, the Georgian "experts" already made them at home, especially in Donetsk. And now Tyahnybok is going to take control of the Eastern part of the country in the next 4 years, but we have to fight and this time we are not going to allow those nationalists to win the elections…

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