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    I just spent a few days in Florida. Before I returned, I was a bit worried about my flight back to San Francisco. For five hours, could I handle sitting next to a screaming, ear-pressure-challenged nano person? I needed a defense against possible aerial audio assault. Admittedly, I could have paid more for the diminutive Apple had I purchased it at the Lunar Base 7-Eleven, but nevertheless my new Nano sounded great, and saved me from listening to the ambient who-knows-what on the flight back.


    Nano person dreaming about a successful aerial audio assault.

    Meanwhile, back at my laptop, I had to beat back ITunes with a Styx. Like all Apple software, it wants to dominate the host computer. Sucking, for example, QuickTime along for the ride, and changing file associations without asking permission. The ITunes quest for local software hegemony did not prevent it from making embarrassing installation errors, such as failing to convert WMA video, despite announcing the intention to do precisely that. Of course, it would be too easy to simply play WMA files; ITunes must first convert WMA to a proprietary Apple format that is useless to all other software save ITunes.

    Anyway the WMA to AAC file conversion bombed on my PC. Thus the reason for this note: has any board member been successful playing video in a Nano? If so, how did you do it, and where did you obtain the video file?

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