Nancy Pelosi pulls a fast one on another 50 Billion bailout in disguise--for BO

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    After all the news today,- President Bush announcing plans for the federal government to buy bad notes from all these bad mortage loans-supported by a corrupt system that paid off 384 politicians & filled their coffers-that we may pay up to 1 TRILLION dollars for. This in the hopes that one day these properties will gain in value to pay us--the U.S. taxpayer back.

    Today, Nancy Pelosi, democrate house leader, steps up to the plate--for none other than Barack Obama. She has put a bill of the floor of the house today, that they are certain will pass, under the disguise of another hand-out to Americans who want another check from the U.S. government "in order to stimulate the economy".

    25 BILLION DOLLARS of this will go to auto makers in Michigan. A must win state for Barack Obama.

    President Bush needs to veto this bill--we've already paid enough--& bailed out enough.

    The strategy is--once Bush veto's this new spending bill, Barack Obama will be out there in Michigan telling the local folks that President Bush then go to John McCain do not care about them.

    Nancy Pelosi is willing to throw 50 billion dollars of our tax dollars to a futile effort--in order to secure Michigan for Barack Obama.

    It's called "buying votes", with our money.
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