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    In recent decades, there were clear names for the culture of the time:

    1980's - The "Me" decade. Never was there a better name for a decade than the 80's self-absorbed, materialistic decade of "you should make yourself happy first, then those around you" - hard to believe that was actual advice given regularly at the time.
    1990's - The "Not Me" decade. Fitting that this would be the name for the 90's. The "not me" decade was about excusing everything. Child molesters began to get light sentences due to the terrible life the poor guy wonder he is such a bad guy right? Talk shows of the time were all about whyyyyy someone did something wrong and how did they feeeeeeeelll about it.
    2000's - ???...maybe it should be named The "connection decade". I don't know. Social Media was born in the 90's but exploded in the 2000's. The internet truly became a part of almost everyone's lives in this decade.
    2010's - ??? How about "Pay the piper" decade. No explanation necessary.

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