Name 1 thing Obama has done ON his own that will not be repealed?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Aug 19, 2012.

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    He really can't take credit for Osama.. after all renditions, waterboarding and a lot of intelligence gathering done under Bush helped pinpoint Osama.
    OK how about Obamacare?
    NOPE not many people are happy with that and if he goes so will Obamacare!
    Dodd-Frank? Nope it will go to.
    He hasn't approved a budget in his administration totally generated by his administration.
    He hasn't completed any of his promises.. closing Gitmo, getting employment below 8%,
    cutting deficit in half.. all not done!

    Name ONE piece of SIGNIFICANT legislation that has been passed that was either narrowly passed or will not be repealed?

    Now I'm going to help you out by linking to a web page called Obama's Achievments!!!
    Obama Administration’s Achievements (Thus Far) ยป Obama's Achievements Center

    Kid you not! Obama is Really proud of all of this!
    NOTE how much is done to stifle businesses. To create more rules and regulations that add to the $1.2 trillion in costs. Note the animosity towards capitalism.

    Also NOTE Obama TAKES credit for things HE HAD NOTHING to do with!

    Orders for most durable goods rose.

    He considers this an achievement: Cut the missile defense program by $1.4 billion in 2010
    another biggy: AF Ordered military to withdraw fast food establishments from Afghan bases.
    Wasted taxpayer's money bragging about "Got his daughters a puppy!"
    Made a joke: "Appointed at least one Republican to the cabinet"

    YEA name ONE major piece that either wasn't partisan or will be repealed!
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    Inside Your Head
    It is going to take some serious pooper scooping to clean up Obama's mess.

    Let's hope Romney / Ryan and the Republican Congress is up to the job.

    And lets hope the public will really permit it.

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