Naked In The. . .Forest. . .With Miche. . .(Hawaii Joins The Mainland At last!)

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    The now-famous body-odor ban in State of Hawaii, of body odor on the public transportation vehicles: Captures even the spirited nuances of "Change You Can Believe In," when focusing attention on the New Current Events.

    Washington, D. C., is now a center-fo. . . of a new fashion statement not seen since National Geo. . . .,(well)!

    A part of the ordinance of the famous Body Odors of Paradise: Joins with even Venice, CA in the new spirt of "Change You Can Believe In." The proposed Hawaiian ordinance will also ban even the famous(?) public urinations on the equally famous(?) transport vehicles of the Islands!

    Venice, CA, is itself not so-famed, but offers the New Guidance of where a body is to go! In Avant Garde, Venice, Beach, we have the sidewalks, the porches, the parking lots, the carports, the alleys, the Dumpsters, and the building stairwells to boot. And of course, then there is: The Santa Monica Bay.

    We even ask, pointedly: Is The State Of Hawaii actually ready for their new advance into modern civilization as we know it?!

    Venice, CA, further leads the nation,anyone notices: In the number of licensed Medical Marijuana locations--per square mile of business and residential, population--habitats and locations.

    Do we dare ask if all of Hawaii can make this astonishing leap into the 21st Century, more like the Mainland at Last?!

    What about the film, at 11? No doubt, millions, are watching. . . to see!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Off, The Buses You Must Go, You Must Go, You Must Go! Off The Buses You Must, (And Yes, you know who you are)!

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