Nader ballot access updates.

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    Ralph Nader has currently finished the petitioning process for five states including: Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Colorado. Ralph Nader has done far better this year than in 2004 where he was left off the ballot in Arizona, Hawaii and Illinois. In Arizona his campaign turned in 65,000 signature more than three times the requirement and turned in 50,000 in Illinois.

    Nader says he's on ballot in Arizona - 2008 Presidential Campaign Blog - Political Intelligence -

    Ralph Nader will also be seeking the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party of California. According to P&F officials, Nader is roughly tied at this point with Gloria La Riva in terms of delegates for their August nominating convention. The P&F ballot line is coveted by leftist minor party and independent candidates as it would over come a 150,000 signature requirement to make the November ballot. If Nader secures the nomination he will do far better than in 2004 when he was left off the California ballot.
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