N.M. Gov Extracts Votes From Billy the Kid

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    Dig this.
    How low will a Democrat go?

    In 2003, Gov. Bill Richardson, announced he would make good on Gov. Lew Wallace's promise to grant Billy amnesty.

    In 1881, Billy the Kid, wrote from a Santa Fe jail to the then gov., "I expect you have forgotten what you promised me."
    The two had made a deal 2 years earlier. Gov. Wallace had promised to grant Billy amnesty for his role in shooting Sheriff Wm. Brady in Lincoln County, if Billy agreed to testify before a grand jury investigating another Lincoln County murder.
    The Kid held up to his end of the bargain, but Gov. Wallace failed to follow through with his.
    On April 28th, 1881, while Sheriff Pat Garrett was out of town, Billy surprised two guards, killing both deputies with their own guns, and rode away unmolested.

    Flash-forward to present day.
    Gov. Bill Richardson, whose term expires in January 2011, reportedly is again giving serious consideration to Billy's pardon. Richardson has a few more months to decide, after 129 years of history.

    B. Kidd

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