N Korea places missiles on pads

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    It appears that N. Korea has placed surface to surface missiles on launch pads in the Yellow sea in response to the exercise by US and S. Korean forces.
    North Korea readies missiles as U.S.,South Korea drill begins - Yahoo! News
    They also have moved SAM's to the front in preparation for a possible S. Korean airstrike as a response to the artillery barrage.

    I don't think anyone wants war but with the tension and the the forces on a high state of alert any slight mishap may cause a flareup of hostilities. It won't be a full invasion just missile attacks and artlillery and air strikes and a lot of people getting killed.

    My main worry is that the N. Koreans might try to sneak a sub into the exercises and try to launch a torpedo like they they did to that S. Korea ship. If the carrier were hit with a torpedo a massive air strike by the US would have to come and the nuke plants...history! But lets hope the N. Koreans are not that stupid.

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