N.J. slams the brakes on controversial red light cameras

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    New Jersey
    New Jersey has suspended its controversial red-light camera program over questions about the accuracy of the devices that have frustrated motorists while generating millions of dollars for towns.

    Officials from the state Department of Transportation said 63 of the 85 red-light cameras in New Jersey — including all 19 in Newark — have not been tested to ensure yellow lights were timed in accordance with the statute that created the pilot program.

    Beginning Wednesday, tickets will not be issued at those 63 locations until it is determined whether the traffic systems are in compliance with the law.

    In the meantime, the cameras will remain on. If the devices are found to be in compliance, violators would still be fined. If the traffic systems are not in compliance, DOT spokesman Joe Dee said, "we will shut down that camera."

    Read more N.J. slams the brakes on controversial red light cameras | NJ.com

    hopefully a nice lawsuit sue the company that made these things the towns and the installers, the lawyers that mail out the fines, put em out of business for good!!!

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