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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fuzzykitten99, Jul 23, 2005.

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    You'll have to check the Marauder's Map...
    Next month, I will be in Las Vegas from 8/20-8/26. We will be staying at the Stratosphere, and we will even be driving out to California one of the days. I have never been to either Vegas or CA, so I am looking for good spots for gambling (loose slots-not loose sluts-) maybe shows (doubtful we will see more than one). Also, any good places to eat that are reasonable. Though if anyone points us to the .99c all you can eat buffet and the 'war' card tables, I will bitchslap you when i get back.

    The request goes for both Vegas and Ca.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I stayed at Caesar's Palace - gambled at *every* hotel on the strip.. Wherever you go, make sure you try the slots closest to the main doors.. I found those to be the best - I'm guessing because they want to draw people's attention. None of the buffet's are all that spectacular, but the restaurants in Treasure Island (one Italian one specifically) are pretty good. Make it a point to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe as well.. It's in the slimier part of the strip (far end), but it's pretty cool. The gift shops at MGM Grand are the *best*, and if you can walk through Caesar's Palace indoor "outside" mall, do that as well. :D

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