my ode to barak obama

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    An ode to barrack obama

    Greetings, salutations on this day of our time
    Long time coming to pen this rhyme
    Glued to your election a year or so ago
    Shed tears, waited for change; none came

    Then you appointed cronies from the past
    To represent, carry your countries torch,
    To Countries, far away lands, where your
    Country should’t be; understand?

    Rahm Emanuel, your chief of staff
    Bill Clinton, was shit scared of him
    Then there’s your treasury guy
    A wall street banker in everyone’s eye

    Then you promised to close gitmo
    Within 18 months, don’t think so
    Its still open, torturing innocents
    you can’t believe CIA security briefings

    where were all Saddam’s WMD’s?
    a crock of shit, don’t you see
    More excuses for another conquest
    For oil and resources, a greedy mess

    And their eye’s are now on Iran, and
    will lie to ensure a future invasion
    to secure black gold; anything goes
    WW3, a definite possibility

    But Mr A in Iran; humanitarian
    Is forging allies, wherever he can
    To make it much more unlikely
    That the world has to stomach WW3

    And why should we? he is our brother
    Like all in the Muslim lands
    You should know, your family upbringing
    Down to your middle name even

    Is this why, you won’t stand again?
    Bad stuff weighs too heavy on your heart
    OK, you have done some good stuff
    Healthcare reform for your people a must

    But when you look at the small print
    More government control of lives
    And thousands of government departments
    New, created to save a few lives

    In reality, more blank cheques, to
    The care companies that siphon off
    Billions from the public purse
    Instead of wholesale reform

    Reports linking you to the elite
    The bloodlines that rule the world
    Just simply pour scorn on your office
    And make you look like a thief

    Stealing the goodwill of your people
    And making lots of false promises
    To get you to the oval Office
    Don’t think I’v understated it

    So Mr Obama, just who you working for?
    The elite, the bankers, more? Not
    The people that put you in office
    They now know the score

    Your countries being raped, though
    Your not the main culprit, accessory
    Is a word that springs to mind
    Aiding financial terrorists on Wall St

    Don’t pick on Iran, not worth your time
    Though would love to see it in some ways
    Two million with arms in 24 hours
    Should ensure your army dies by the thousand

    But peace and love is the answer always
    Deep down, you’re a good man, can feel it
    You can stop unnecessary suffering
    Your army don’t deserve to die for nothing

    Neither do our brothers in Iran, they
    Blatantly have done nothing, just
    Like Saddam, minding own business
    But your security people don’t have a heart

    And will try for excuses to invade
    Persia, for oil, and more
    Please don’t make a mistake again
    Live and let live, make tea not war

    You got your problems anyway, as
    25% of your bees just died: Think,
    At that rate all of your people
    Will be dead in only five years

    Is the mass-murder of bees to be followed?
    By the same, to your people, who to blame?
    Your smart, you must know who wants this
    Hunger, riots for starters, unnecessary suffering

    Blood on your hands friend, for sure, despite
    Your healthcare bill, quango central, soon
    The only jobs in your great nation
    Will be at the cost of a chip under skin

    Go in hiding, make a stand, against those
    Who give a bad name, to your nation
    And sell all the secret good stuff, pay
    Your people back for the rape, they

    Have just experienced, on your watch
    They put you there; whitehouse lawn
    When they die, will you stomach to peek?
    At the death; destruction on your streets
    All the time, could have done something bout it

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