My Manifesto: A Chance To Define Myself

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    I feel I owe a manifesto of sorts to folks, especially after two people i respect greatly made statements that captured my quandary on the board perfectly

    kathianne (i cannot find the post, it was in early july) told me to stop sitting on the fence, trying to be "both sides" and having it both ways or shut up.

    i think in regards to the latter user, i've discovered the power of reason (reality as well) in comparison to rhetoric. as kathianne said once, that is how many liberals become conservatives, they look at the rhetoric and it doesn't add up, they see the reality and their eyes open up.

    the former user captured where i am today. i came to this board a reluctant kerry supporter, i am on this board now a bush supporter (i posted why in late july).

    I will continue to learn from those more intelligent than I am (most of the board) and admit when I am wrong;
    (Spain giving in to terrorists- I said Aznar lost because he was dishonest, onedomino proved me wrong, taxes-merlin, --d--, nighttrain,rtwingavenger and avatar ate my lunch on that one and showed me the facts, not the rhetoric, george soros- merlin and another user i forget now posted several factual links to things soros has done in the past that were quite bad, i now stand corrected)

    i will continue to stand up for what i believe in;
    human rights, individual freedom, an end to genocide and oppression, america's special role in the transformation of much of the world thru economic, diplomatic and military means, ronald reagan's dream of a world without nuclear weapons, the final defeat of AIDS, TB and malaria and a peaceful, lasting resolution to unnecessary conflicts in kashmir, israel/palestine, congo and sudan.

    i will continue to take stands on issues many on the board disagree strongly with;
    gay rights, kerry's vietnam record, the FBI, China, illegial immigration and America's responsibility and ability to halt genocide.

    my bedrock opinions on the following issues remains the same despite good and often fierce debate;
    gun control (against) abortion (against) excessive, counterproductive environmental laws (kyoto) (against), affirmative action (against), gay marriage (against), protectionism in business/industry (against), mandatory drug sentencing (against), District Attorney and Judges being elected rather than appointed/selected. (against)

    i will no longer classify myself as a conservative, liberal, democrat or republican. i am unclassified, a boy (not yet a man) with set positions on many issues and an open mind on other matters.

    i will never forget the two days my vote for george bush was secured, the slaughter of children at the beslan school in russia and the slaughter of children in line to recieve candy from GI's in baghdad. Seeing the anguish of parents cradling their murdered children in their arms, I know that George Bush is right to "destroy terrorism" and John Kerry is wrong to "prosecute" terrorism.

    personally, i will do my best to leave the world a better place than what it was when I entered it.
    I will finish my college degree within a year of leaving the Navy
    I will attend law school and I will be the best humanitarian law expert
    possible, putting my own boots on the ground in the world's worst conflicts
    to help the survivors of genocide/ethnic cleansing and make those responsible pay a heavy price in the courts, the stock markets, in world capitals and in the press.
    I will learn to trust women again, and marry a wife who shares my vision of a better world, amplifies my positive attributes and compensates for my negative ones.
    I will surround my child with Jesus and do everything I can to make sure he/she believes in and experiences the Holy Son's grace, something I've never been to do personally but long to.
    I will love my wife and do my utmost to make my marriage and parenting a success, at whatever the cost to myself.
    I will never retire from fighting for those less fortunate than I am in places as far away as Darfur and as close as Overtown, Florida.
    I will do whatever I can to take care of my parents if/when their health begins to decline due to my dad's smoking (60 and still packs 1 1/2 a day) and my mom's stress and bad memories (worries way too much, has a terrible job and in her 25 years (my dad too) in the army endured great pain from watching her people die from "training accidents", "faulty equipment failures" and what not. (she's 56 and far too often blames herself for things out of her control)
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    I agree completely. This is the number one reason I am voting for Bush.

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