My journey from liberal to conservative

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    I was driving home this evening and I was listening to the Schnitt show. A caller called in and there was a discussion about how a student attending school with all liberal instructors can become a conservative? I tried to call but was unable to get through and it bugged me so I tried to search out a way to tell me story. So I ended up searching the web for a message board that discusses such things. I don't know how this will be received and honestly it is more for me than the reader. I just felt the need to tell my story.
    After college I felt I had everything figured out. I saw the world with blue eyes, both figuratively and actually. I believed that the world would truly be a wonderful place if it was a liberal world. I thought about everything being provided for everyone. Health care, food, housing, transportation for all and no bills. I felt with no bills there would be less stress and a truly wonderful world. I felt that there would be no need for cheap cars and everyone could have the safest, most fuel efficient automobiles and only the best food and housing. The best health care at no cost. It was an idea of a utopia. A truly perfect place. It wasn't that I was stupid after college I was just naive.
    As I got older and I started to experience the real world I began to see the errors in my belief. You see things differently as you really experience things. I still realize that the even though the idea is perfect the problem is not the idea it is the world in which the idea is to be implemented. You see it is far from a perfect world. For the idea to truly be a utopia it would need a perfect world to be its host. As I began to realize this I started to see very quickly how such a perfect idea can quickly become the communism we know from our history. You see I realized there is not enough of everything for everyone.
    This world we live in does not have an unlimited supply of everything. Everyone can not have a place on the beach. Everyone can't have steak. Someone has to eat the crap that comes in hot dogs. Everyone can not have the best car or the best cloths. People are always going to be envious of what someone else has whether it is their wife, house, car, job, etc.... People will always want what another person has. Who will be working in the sewage facilities while another person works in a nice comfortable office playing on the internet all day? Then it becomes who will decide who gets what. I once heard that Marxism and communism was the idea that everyone is like a family. The more you think about it the more this comes true.
    For any of this to work we have to be like brother and sisters and our government has to take on the role of parent. I quickly recalled my childhood being one of three and realized that there is no way for things to truly be equal. My parents had a hard enough time equaling things out between three much less three hundred million. Some people will be more burdened than others and some people will be treated better than others. It will be come the world of who you know rather than what your skills can provide you. As far a civil rights go there can't be none in that kind of society. Being a child you know that you had no rights when it came to you against your parents. It has to be that way to function properly. So to that conclusion in a situation where the government is the parent its citizens can not have rights as well. The government has to have the last say. Plus there has to be a way for said government to punish those that do not want to abide. I quickly began to see has a utopia can truly become a hell.
    I then began to see the light of why conservatism and capitalism works. I once was in a business training regarding a employee survey being done and it was said that to make a company better you have to work on its strengths and the bottom comes up with it. I began to think about that a lot. I thought about it because it is why capitalism works so well. You see if the rich become richer they bring up the bottom with them. So it becomes that our poor are actually pretty well off when you compare them with the rest of the world. That is because our bottom is bought up by those that are wealthy and we build laws that help strengthen them. It also builds a world in which anyone can become rich. It is not that everyone can be rich but anyone truly can be and for those of us that are not we still live good lives because the bar being raised at the bottom.
    In conclusion I found that capitalism as bad as it may seem is actually the perfect government for this world. It puts the power in the people and helps create wealth for the whole country. I understand that there may be others out there that disagree with me but I invite you to challenge my conclusions and give real reasons where I have made mistakes in my findings. If you found the time to sit hear and read all of this, I say thank you for your interest and I hope you have a truly blessed day.

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