My Ideal Political Parties Platform.

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    I have always found people who think their party has all the answers to be ignorant. Even when I considered myself a Republican I never voted for them thinking, Republicans have all the answers. on the contrary I always voted for them as a lesser of 2 evils. As I saw it. The same holds true back when I was younger and voted 2 times for good ole Slick Willy.

    Never was it more true than this last election, in which I grudgingly cast my Ballot for McCain. Not because I thought McCain was great. Because I thought over all he would do less damage to the country.

    I realize now I was never a Republican. I am an independent, who holds liberal views on some things, and Conservative views on other. I identify as Conservative because the most important issues to me, I am Conservative on.

    So today I started thinking, what would be the platform of my Ideal Party, and would that over all platform be deemed Left or right?

    So My Ideal Party's platform on major issues would be as follow.

    Issue 1. The holy Grail, and most important issue to me.Limited Government! Limiting the power and scope of government to the bear essentials. Respecting the Constitution and states rights. Remembering what the Fed is for, and seeking to not over step it's bounds.

    Issue 2. Fiscal Policy. Very simple. Do not run Deficits. Of course it may not always be possible, but it should be the goal. Passing Debt from one generation to Another is just wrong. Strike the right balance of Free markets, and over site of those markets. Recognize that Capitalism is a more productive and resilient Model than others. While also having compassion and the Right amount, and type of Social programs. Always remembering that Government is inefficient, and should not be the answer to all problems.

    Issue 3. National Defense. Recognize that Peace can best be found through Strength and respect. We should strive to be fair, but firm in the world. Carry a big stick and talk softly so to speak. Never be afraid to use the Stick if it become the only choice.

    Issue 4. Foreign Policy Tied of course to national Defense. We should be Fair Willing to talk, but know when not to talk. We should recognize that the best way to achieve stable peace is through Economic prosperity. We should work in positive ways to improve the lives of people in the world. We should not support Dictators for Economic Gain. Recognize that there are things we can do to help, with out throwing money at them.

    Issue 5. Abortion. While recognizing the need for Abortion in some cases My Ideal party would limit Abortions to some extent. Obviously in cases of Rape and or Incest, and cases where the Mothers life will be in jeopardy, or the baby will have massive birth Defects. Abortion should be available. Using Abortion as Birth Control should be avoided. Certainly a woman who has had more than one, should not be allowed another. It is disgusting that we support such actions. It is one thing to kill a baby, because you were raped, or are 14 years old and just a baby yourself. It is another all together when some woman has her second or 3rd abortion simply because she is not careful.

    Issue 6. Gay Marriage Who cares! Let em.

    Issue 7. Health Care Strive to strike a balance as always. Recognize that there are those among us who need help to get health care, while avoiding any system which simply lumps us all into a government ran system. A happy medium.

    Issue 8. Gun Control Recognize Law abiding Americans undeniable rights to bear reasonable small Arms. Pistols,none assault Rifles, shotguns Etc. while controlling Less reasonable larger arms and munitions. have strict and tough penalties for the commission of a crime with a gun.

    Issue 9. Death Penalty. In extreme cases yes. Murder, Rape, Child Molesters. Etc.

    Issue 10. The War On DrugsEnd it. At least the legal part of it. Stop Arresting users, and small time dealers. Stop wasting Billions putting then in jail, and tracking and arresting them. Continue to suggest, and teach and cajole people not to use, but stop arresting and holding them.

    Decriminalize narcotics and Legalize Pot, and Push for the use of Industrial Hemp as an alternative fuel.

    Of course there are many more issue, but I don't have all day.

    So what would your Ideal Party be, and how would you describe mine. Am I a Liberal? Am I a Conservative?


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