My first encounter with a Stupid Ebayer...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dmp, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Awhile back I bought a gift for a friend - a 1890s copy of Ben Hur. I actually bought TWO.

    The first transaction was/is a nightmare.

    Started out fine - I used a 'buy it now' to pick up a copy. I paid immediately and within a few days the book arrived.

    I opened the package and thumbed through the book. Within 10 seconds I found one page COMPLETELY scribbled upon with Brown Crayon.

    I went up to the computer and emailed the seller and provided pics.
    The next day I got an email saying:

    "I'm so sorry! I should have noticed the damage! Please, send the book back and I'll cover shipping and everything!"

    The next Day Mary dropped the book in the mail for me; We used Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation.

    And I waited. A week later I sent the seller a note asking for prompt re-payment of the purchase price.

    I got a reply of "The Check is in the Mail."

    Still nothing a week later.

    Eventually the seller paypals me $4 more than what I asked for.

    I thought - That's a GOOD seller - talk about trying to go the extra mile, eh? :)

    I left POSITIVE feedback for the seller:

    "Honorable and professional - goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction"

    Then...a few days ago I found THIS from them:

    "Positive feedback: "Need to read description before bidding but they were nice"

    I was a bit upset...While it was positive I thought it uneccesary. I shot a note to them:

    Their reply today?

    My last reply:

    That biatch. :(

    Yes....okay...I get it...My life must be VERY VERY Good if THIS is all I have about which to complain.



    My life IS very good, thankyouverymuch!
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    Seriously. This is nothing. You even made money on the deal.

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