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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Emmett, Mar 18, 2006.

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    It is with great regret that I must inform you of my recent decision to vacate my quest to become your President in 2008. It was a painstaking decision and I have deliberated on it with dilligent effort. The reasons I have made this decision are as follows:

    - I only recieved one signature and it was determined that my grandaughter was not eligible to sign.

    - Budget, I was only able to raise 4.83 and now I may be facing criminal charges for stealing it from her Brownie troup. We just don't need a scandal of those proportions rocking the White House.

    - The average third grader knows more about politics than I do

    - I would probably became a dictator and ordered the demise of all Democrats by some sort of public entertainment, I mean execution.

    - I would violated thr rights of all Federal Inmates by requiring them to work their asses off and having them beaten when they didn't. We know how unpopular that would be.

    - I would have declared all anti-gun laws unlawful and that would have been a mess.

    - I would have ordered the immediate release of all non violent drug offenders and then filled their cells with all child molesters by revoking their paroles and probations. That certainly would have pissed off the ACLU.

    - I would have pushed for a flat tax plan until I got it even if it meant laying down on the floor on the Senate and screaming until they gave in.

    So, obviously I am not the man for the job. To all of you who worked so hard for my candidacy I am truly sorry foir your wasted efforts.
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    I hear your pain...however try running locally get a taste of the money game...I ran for office twice...once for Sheriff and once for Justice of the Peace(Locally) It is a hard money game... both winners over me had way more money and way less qualifications...but don't abandon ship yet...try try and try again...maybe the Lord will intervene at some point! ;)

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