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    Greetings to All:

    This is my email to Jon Katz, P.C. a Constitutional Attorney in Maryland.

    JON KATZ, P.C.
    8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 703
    Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland 20910
    (301) 495-7755/FAX (301) 585-7733

    Dear Jon Katz:

    I found your email address at this website (Link #1). A member of my family has worked at Cocoa Masonry (of Pinellas County Florida) since the mid 1960's, but today the doors are closed. We simply cannot compete with other contractors using more than their fair share of Illegal Aliens that are allowed to run around loose everywhere. One white guy takes 50 Illegal Aliens and takes all the work at 'below cost,' which means legitimate contractors must bid on 30 to 50 jobs, and cut prices 50% below cost, just to get one job.

    American Citizens have a Constitutional Right to see our Immigration, Employment and Document Fraud Laws 'enforced' to the full extent of the Rule Of Law, but everyone from the Obama Administration to the Immigration Office to State Police to the local sheriff is looking the other way. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Link #2) is the 'Rule of Law' making it illegal to hire, harbor, aid and abet any Illegal Alien. Anyone helping an Illegal Alien obtain the appearance of Legal Working Status is guilty of a 5-year felony, but even our corrupt Congress is drafting legislation to make Illegal Aliens 'legal'!!!!

    Illegal Aliens are killing 25 U.S. Citizens every day (Link #3) in the USA (12 by murder = Link #4) and our corrupt politicians are not doing one thing to protect our JOBS from Illegal Aliens. I need your assessment on our chances of building a lawsuit against so-called 'law enforcement' (Federal, State and Local) and our corrupt politicians (Obama and Congress) for refusing to 'enforce' our perfectly good Immigration, Employment and Document Fraud Laws already on the books. We have thousands of Illegal Aliens using the same Social Security Number and the corrupt Govt cannot find them. This is a crime against We The People and I do believe together we have a class action suit against the Govt for refusing to enforce our laws. Please write and let me know what you think,


    Terral ...

    Link #2: Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Link #3: Feds: 25 Americans Killed by illegal aliens Each Day...OK...Drug wars on the border...Not OK
    Link #4: Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily
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