My Complaint To The FAA And Inspector General About False NTSB Report

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    National Transportation Safety Board:

    Jim Ritter Has Filed A False Incident/Accident Report

    I am writing you today to request the NTSB amend false statements included in your “Flight Path Study – American Airlines Flight 77” dated February 19, 2002 (Dec 21, 2001 version here), because information contained in that document clearly contradicts data from other government documentation. Examples of clear contradicts are:

    Your crash time contradicts ‘Executive Summary Chronology of a Multiple Hijacking Crisis September 11, 2001’ that states:

    NTSB AA77 crash time is incorrect by six minutes. NTSB must amend your AA77 crash time to match FAA and Air Traffic Control 9:32 AM crash times.

    2. Flight:

    NTSB has declared that American Airlines Flight 0077 is the Subject Aircraft, but Bureau of Transportation Statistics Airline On-Time Statistics show zeros “OOOO” in all fields saying that Flight 0077 was canceled on September 11, 2001.


    Nobody logged any tail number or taxi time or actual takeoff time for 0077 that morning, because no American Airlines Jetliner taxied down the runway. That information is easily verified by anyone at the NTSB.

    3. NTSB declares that the “Aircraft” is

    That information is false, because American Airlines has never issued that registration number to any jetliner in history. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has no record of N644AA connected to any airlines or any flight in BTS history. Again, that information is easily verified by any NTSB representative.

    4. C. Summary:

    This statement is clearly false for reasons stated above and because no 100-ton Jetliner struck the Pentagon on 9/11 or any other day.


    This photograph shows first responder workers directly in front of the Wedge One E-ring Column Line (CL) 13 to CL 15 locations. The cable spools stand over the worker’s heads and the second-story concrete slab remains very much intact. The impact hole measures exactly 18-feet 3-inches and the windows directly above and to the left are unbroken.


    This photograph shows the rear C-ring wall just 220 feet east of the outside E-ring wall [pictured above] and this hole measures 9-feet high by 12-feet wide. This is the only C-ring wall damage that NTSB declares is the result of a crashing 100-ton Jetliner going 530 miles per hour. The impossibility of that claim is realized by simply doing the math. Your AA77 jetliner supposedly crashed into the E-ring wall above at a 45-degree angle from the southwest.


    The distance between the center of the E-ring impact hole (Wedge One CL-AA14) and the center of the rear C-ring hole (Wedge Two CL-6O) is exactly 287-feet 4-inches. If NTSB claims are correct, your 530 mile per hour AA77 was traveling 2,798,400 feet per second (530 x 5280). That means the time differential between E-ring wall and C-ring wall impact is .0001025 seconds. The NTSB is claiming that a 100-ton jetliner, which includes a 60-ton titanium-alloy frame, two 6-ton Rolls-Royce engines, massive wing and tail sections, indestructible landing gear, cargo and passengers, crashed through the outer E-ring wall to vanish into thin air; before exiting the rear C-ring wall in about one/one ten thousandth of a second. The massive 9-feet tall engines would travel almost 3 million feet in just one second, which you and I know very well did not happen.

    There is no force on earth that can stop a 100-ton Jetliner in one/one ten thousandth of a second to leave a small 10-foot diameter hole in a first-floor masonry wall just 220 feet away. If the NTSB received 0077 Flight Data Recorder data from anyone, that information could not possibly be collected from the Pentagon. Period. In short, every NTSB claim made in the NTSB #DCA01MA064 report is completely false. This is a very serious matter that involves the murder of innocent Americans and particularly civilian bookkeepers, accountants and budget analysts working inside these E-ring Pentagon offices to track down the missing 2.3 Trillion dollars that remains missing to this day. The Navy Command Center and the Defense Intelligence Agency Offices were also targeted in this attack that your fraudulent NTSB Flight Study Documentation blames on an American Airlines Jetliner that never taxied down the runway with a registration number that does not even exist.

    The NTSB must begin a NTSB/FAA/Inspector General Interagency-collaborated Investigation into the 9:32 AM explosion reported by Eastern Regional Air Traffic Control some six minutes before your 9:38 AM fraudulent crash time that was deliberately falsified in NORAD/FBI-provided documentation to aid and abet the true 911 terrorists that continue to elude justice today. Otherwise, Jim Ritter and the NTSB are accomplices to the murder of innocent Americans that continue hiding behind fraudulent claims testified to by obvious contradictions in combined Government Documentation.

    At your service,

    Terral ...
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    But who was phone? :uhoh3:

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