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    If you're truly interested in what top business people believe is necessary to get the economy rolling along instead of just limping along, tune in to this program or set your DVRs, instead of listening only to pundits spew their opinions:

    The American Dream: the idea that anybody can get ahead, can succeed, can enrich themselves with hard work and smarts. Is that idea dead?

    For large swaths of America, it MAY be. The national unemployment rate is 9.6% but that only tells a part of the story. Millions of jobs have been lost in America. The question is: how do we bring jobs -- and GOOD jobs -- back?

    That's what we'll tackle for an hour on a special of edition of "Fareed Zakaria GPS". It airs on Saturday at 9p ET/PT and on Sunday at 10a ET/PT.

    Fareed has gathered four of the top businessmen in America to tell us what's at the heart of the job problem -- how some many have been lost -- and what the solutions are -- how America can re-gain what its lost:

    - Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO Google
    - Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola
    - Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of Alcoa
    - Lou Gerstner, who ran three American giants -- RJ Reynolds, American Express & IBM

    And Fareed will solutions of his own -- both for the nation and for the American worker.

    Tune in this Saturday at 9p ET/PT and Sunday at 10a ET/PT to catch a special edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS "Restoring the American Dream."
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    A warm place with no memory.
    If you can dream it, you can do it.

    -Walt Disney

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