MSNBC host: Energy is just too darn cheap

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    Granted, these are the guests on the show talking here, but the nodding of heads around the table and the continued discussion demonstrates the unanimous attitude of the panel, including the host. So why would I make you sit through this? Because it’s important...These groups of self described liberal, effete intellectuals who appear to have no connection to real people, real science or reality in general are out there with a powerful set of microphones. These preening packs of self-appointed saviors of humanity – who have probably never even come within sight of an actual oil rig unless their cruise ship happened to pass one by – have long since figured out the answers to all of your “problems” when it comes to energy, and it’s based on taxing you into submission regardless of how much energy we manage to produce.

    ..."They can’t seem to stop the opportunities for jobs and economic security which seem to be just over the horizon right now by delivering alternative energies today which actually work and can profitably provide a replacement. So, instead, they’ll shut it down by pricing your energy costs out of your reach. The country is still struggling with underemployment, but these happy warriors would be delighted to take those who actually have decent jobs and drive the price of the gas they use to get to their place of employment up to ten bucks a gallon.
    And for what? On Hayes’ show he even admitted that the recent surge in natural gas usage has driven carbon based emissions down to the lowest levels seen in decades. But is that enough? No. It is not. Because somebody, somewhere is still burning hydrocarbon based fuels. And that’s got to be stopped, no matter the cost to the country."

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