MSM protects Obama Attacks Cain.. WANT PROOF???

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    A google search of "Obama cocaine use" as Obama admits in this interview "Barack Obama on 60 Minutes."

    "So when Barack Obama was on 60 minutes on Sunday (video) and Steve Kroft says “You inhaled [marijuana].” Mr. Obama simply says “I did.” He also admits to cocaine use and that he thought about using heroine.
    Barack Obama, cocaine use and 60 minutes | Exploring the Art & Science of Marketing

    the Google search "Obama cocaine use
    ...drew About 53,600 results

    YET the Google search"Cain sexual harassment" --About 2,170,000 results

    A president telling reporter he did cocaine and only 56,600 citations..

    yet a GOP candidate (he's black you know?? Obama said this!) accused of allegedly a 3rd class felony ACT but never arrested, charged or convicted gets 40 times the citations!

    "Google News search " with about 500 results for
    "Cain sexual harassment".. citations and for "Obama cocaine use"
    NOT ONE STORY relating to Obama using cocaine as he admitted to doing!

    NOT one story by a MSM media OBSESSED with a black man's sexual adventures... my my my what has this world come to!

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