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    My wife always says if you hate moveon so much why do you subscribe to their voter endorsement emails. Well in IL, most of the time Republicans don't even bother to run, so it's picking between a leftist Dimocrat and a moderate Democrat. Moveon helps narrow that choice down. If moveon suggests them, then the other is without mistake the better choice. I don't like other places making my choice for me, that is why I don't listen to conservative sites telling me how to vote. HOWEVER, I like move informing me who to not vote for. Thanks moveon! :clap2:

    Member of Congress - Thank god for Moveon, I was close to voting for Duckworth, now Raja (the small business owner) has my vote.
    (8th District) Progressives recommend: Tammy Duckworth

    Tammy Duckworth is endorsed by SEIU Illinois
    Progressives' reasons for supporting Tammy Duckworth:
    She will show strong support for veterans Supports President Obama and will work to make college affordable Protects women's rights and the rights of all Will work to improve economy and work toward an all incluside government. Senator Durbin endorses her Will replace that embarrassment who currently holds this office!

    Debbie Shore - Not even sure what this position does, but a SEIU endorsement is all I need to know to say NO to this progressive! Thanks move on!
    Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner
    (Cook County) Progressives recommend: Debra Shore
    Endorsements from progressive organizations:
    Patricia Horton is endorsed by SEIU Illinois
    Progressives' reasons for supporting Debra Shore:
    endorsed by Progressive Alliance PAC, Sierra Club and Illinois Citizen Action; committed to environmental protection and restoring the water table.
    A long time environmentalist and local activist, she's smart and accessible.

    Thanks moveon I don't like activist judges and you identified two for me!
    Circuit Court
    (Conlon Vacancy) Split recommendation: Karen Lynn O'Malley, Stanley Hill
    You haven't submitted a choice yet
    Progressives' reasons for supporting Karen Lynn O'Malley:
    Reccomended by LGBT Bar. This group knows about fairness through experiencing discrimination.
    Chicago Council of Lawyers finds her qualified; of the other two candidates, Guillemette is found not qualified and Hill had an ethics issue a while ago.

    Progressives' reasons for supporting Stanley Hill:
    I like Judge Hill's resume which goes back a long way and involves standing up for defendants and the little guy. There are too many career prosecutors on the bench and others who see the law from the point of view of political insiders.
    Judge Hill is an amazing person. His involvement in the community and his long list of achievements as a litigator make him the best choice for this office.

    Another activist judge to mark off the list. :D
    State Supreme Court Progressives recommend: Mary Jane Theis
    Progressives' reasons for supporting Mary Jane Theis:
    I have known Justice Theis since before she became a judge, and have always been impressed with her intelligence, knowledge of the law and inquiring mind. On top of that, she is a wonderful person. I think we need women of her caliber on the Supreme Court, especially with the issues of women's reproductive rights and same sex rights to be decided by the courts.
    The Chicago Council of Lawyers is a non-partisan group that understands the qualities required to be a good, honest judge. Of five candidates, only Mary Jane Theis and Joy V. Cunningham were rated, respectively, “Highly Qualified,” and “Well Qualified.” The other three, Aurelia Pucinski, Thomas W. Flannigan and James G. Riley, were rated “Unqualified.”

    Well I didn't need moveon to know these clowns needed to go!
    Circuit Court Clerk
    (Cook County) Split recommendation: Ricardo Munoz, Dorothy A. Brown
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    Yeahh, Illinois. Home to Billy Ayers, terrorist, bank robber and possible murderer of Andrew Breitbart, and of course to Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Anton Reczko, and Jesse Jackson, Land where two out of the three last Governors finished their terms in office staring out from between the iron bars on the jail cell windows and doors. The State that is currently five billion in arrears in payments to its vendors. And the State that recently went to Wall Street peddling revenue bonds to cover its retiree health care and pension costs, which, when asked what revenue stream it intended to dedicate to the repayment of the bonds told the Wall Street Bankers "Pssst! Come close so no one else can hear! Da Federal Government's gonna pay da principle on dem dere bonds!"

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