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    What a commie rag of lies...I like this one
    Romney-Ryan's Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor | Mother Jones

    They would allow the payroll tax holiday to expire. This would immediately raise taxes on everyone, and would hit the working poor especially hard.

    White House: No 'specific proposal' to replace expiring payroll tax cut - The Hill's On The Money-

    Josh Earnest, the White House’s deputy press secretary, told reporters that President Obama is not considering a new tax cut that would allow workers to keep more of their paychecks, while also allowing the payroll tax cut to expire.

    They would repeal Obamacare, which would immediately kick about 17 million low-income earners and their family members off of Medicaid.

    I thought it insured 40 million people? now it's 17 million? hmmmmm

    In addition, they want to block grant Medicaid and cap its growth. In some states, this wouldn't have a big immediate impact. In other states, conservative governors and legislatures would use their newfound authority to limit enrollments and cut benefits substantially. Over time, all states would have to cut enrollments dramatically, probably by another 15-20 million within a decade.

    So my question is WHY would ALL states have to cut? Cost too much???

    If they pursue the cuts outlined in Paul Ryan's budget plan, they would cut funding for SNAP (food stamps) by more than $100 billion over the next decade. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that this would reduce enrollment in the program by at least 8 million people.

    It's called job creation....when have liberals ever celebrated LESS people on welfare? Do these programs work or not?

    They would cut funding for Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health organizations. This would especially hurt poor women, since they don't have the resources to pay for services at full-cost clinics.

    About fucking time

    They would cut the college tax credit, the child tax credit, and the earned-income tax credit. All of these are programs designed to help the working poor.

    I'll have to check on theses
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    What we need to do, is increase the capital gains tax to 25%.

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