Mother Fu. . .The American Vice President Chews Gum!

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    Possibly Black America, and others, have noticed that gum-chewing is not the only thing that seems to distinguish Vice President Biden, from President Obama. The Vice President has also been to 119 political events since taking office: Some more memorable than others.

    Biden boldly goes where Obama can't - Print View

    This month, the Michelle factor also happens.

    ABC/Washington Post find respondents claiming that the economy is getting better are now even with the respondents who claim that the economy is getting worse. That seems validated with five weeks of falling New Claims for unemployment insurance, and a continuing drop in continuing claims: For unemployment insurance. Socialist success is not just confined to Europe and Asia, anymore. . . .or Canada, or Australia, large parts of South America, and elsewhere.

    CNN/Time polls are showing statistical ties for various candidates, instead of the lop-sided, GOP advantages. Rasmussen is showing the same thing. Fox News is doing. . . .a more or less, high five: Probably as in cover-up!

    Anyone will agree that politics is becoming fun again: Especially at the ad agencies, and especially for Meg Whitman, and especially if they are getting paid up-front!

    ABC/Washington Post also found that "ObamaCare" is no longer a divisive issue, but is an evenly divided issue. People tend to support, and not to support, in about the same numbers. Democrats can discuss this.

    Nancy Pelosi is not even boarding yachts to dump tea, au natural! GOP, on the other hand, seems to have a different version, even of current events: Not entirely middle class! Eccentric millionaires, likely themselves: Don't want the Tea Party to win.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Young brave whisper into pony ear, even: Even to lower wind resistance, for speedy comeback from. . . .sun-tanning. . . .Hmmm!

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